Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Willl Beckett Be Dat?

Did you ever hear that theory that fastball pitchers get hit harder in the daytime? Because of it, I'm worried that Beckett, a fastball pitcher who has no confidence in any other pitches, could get shelled by the Royals today. And also because he hasn't done so well in the nighttime lately, either. Then again, they are the Royals, so maybe he can take this opportunity to get back on the right track (say in Matt Foley voice.) I still have confidence in him. He just needs to learn consistency. (Maybe from Seanez?)

Trot isn't starting against the lefty Mark "Fuck You" Redman.* I thought Upside McGee, back from Pawtucket, might start, but it's Kapler. Which I'm fine with. Maybe they'll split duty. Upside isn't gonna improve unless we get him into the lineup consistently, and, of course, turn him magically into Bronson Arroyo.

*Fans of the rapper Redman should appreciate this.

Kapler lifetime against Mark Redman: 6-for-8. WMP is starting today, and Friday and Sunday probably as well.

I don't know how anyone could be even close to disappointed in Pena from this season, and anyone that thinks Arroyo would be much better than, say, Matt Clement was, isn't paying any attention.

Were you this upset when Pat Rapp left town?
You've lost it, mahhn.

Rapp's season after he left town: 5.90 ERA, 203 hits in 174 IP.

Bronson's season after he left town: 2.96 ERA, 33 BB in 137 IP so far.

And Clement's ERA is 6.61 this year! I am paying attention and I think anyone in the league would agree that Bronson would've done a lot better than 6.61 in the AL this year.

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