Monday, July 03, 2006

Who Let This Total Bullshit Out?

I've never liked the idea of interleague play. My main reason: the leagues play by different rules. It seems to me like that would be the big obstacle for the pro-interleague play side in making their dream come true. But they got past it a decade ago, leaving me to complain about it every year, even when my team goes 16-2 against the other league.

It's the "natural rivalry" games that really piss me off. They obviously came up with the idea to generate revenue in the two-team areas. That leaves the rest of us with six extra games against a team we never cared about any more than any other team.

The Yanks get to play the Mets every year. I'm not going to talk (right now) about how it's unfair since the Yanks are usually better than the Mets. Or how the Yanks get to play six games each year that they're forced to be more pumped up for than the Red Sox get in a match-up with the Phillies. Tonight's complaint is:

The Yanks are in the Mets' heads. The teams know it. The fans know it. Anyone who lives in this city knows it. No matter what the records are, no matter who the players are, and no matter how hot or cold each team is going in, the Mets see the Yankees and turn into schoolboys playing against their heroes. Even this year, with the Mets having such a great record, I heard a host on the FAN talking about how the Mets would be happy to get two out of three in The Bronx. And he wasn't being facetious. He was a Mets fan being optimistic.

So, besides the natural high the Yanks get during a Mets series, what with the packed houses going crazy for the big rivalry (although on Friday night they seemed downright bored, especially after the rain delay), they also get almost a little break from their real schedule. A chance to gain back the momentum they may have previously lost.

Imagine if there was a team who the Red Sox just owned, who were in the Red Sox' shadow constantly, who didn't know whether to beat us or join us, who could have a great year until they see the red "B," at which point they turned to stone. And imagine if the league allowed us the chance to play them six times a year, an amount three or sometimes six greater than the number of times the rest of the division gets to play them--just for the sheer hell of it. It would be unfair for the other teams in our division, right? Well, that's what's going on.

So, talk amongst yourselves. If someone wants to do the research on the Yanks' record before as opposed to right after Mets' series, please do. I'm curious about this. One thing is for sure: the Yanks have beaten the Mets in their season series' almost every time, and I'll tell you what the effect's pissing me off! I know, I can keep the five bucks, mister. And I will.

Quick story about Mets/Yanks, just since this post appears to kind of make fun of the Mets, to even things out: During the 2000 World Series, Shea Stadium played the parody song "Who Let the Mets Out?" There was a shot of Derek Jeter, looking out at whatever ridiculous corresponding activity was going on on the field, with a look on his face that said, "This is the difference between them and us." According to Fox, that is. (They'll also say things like, "The Mets believe they can win, the Yanks know they can. Crap like that.) What no one had the guts to say was, "Derek, now you know what the rest of us think when we watch your grounds crew interrupt their own job to do the fucking "YMCA" dance during every game. So, remember, Mets fans, just because this is the way things are now, remember 2004 as a great example as to how the world can suddenly flip upside down. It can and will happen. One day I'll say, "Sweet, Yanks have to play the Mets this weekend." Apparently we're just not there yet.

This last week has left me vastly underwhelmed by the Mets - and the National League in general. (I mean, could the Cubs suck any more if they tried?)

The Mets have six guys in the all star game this year, because, aside from our boy Bronson, the rest of the freaking league sucks.

Sox are still 4 up on Dunbar, regardless of Slappy's 'heroics'.

And did you hear one of the idiots (Harold Reynolds, maybe?) on BT call HGHiambi "the AL Comeback Player of the Year" last night?!

How do these guys get any credibility?
I feel exactly the same way. But there are the whiners, notably on cyn's blog, who are complaining that our Sox had it easy with all the NL pushovers we play. BS. We all play the NL. It just so happens that we (and the Twins) did it utterly unbelievably well. But I think we, the way we are playing now, can clobber just about anyone. So Yankee fans, stop your WAH WAH WAHing. Pitiful. Bad job. I could go on, but no. Happy holiday Jere.
SlapsBalls "Heroics" only occur on National TV Games @ Home:

He'll resume sucking as rest of week is only on "NO."
I must respectfully disagree about the Yankees being in the Mets' heads. Forget about last night.The Mets beat the Yankees two out of three in June, in a series the Mets really should have swept. So they ended up splitting the six games in 2006.

But I really believe that interleague ought to be junked, because of the havoc it plays with the schedule and the inequities of it. But it's a cash cow in places like New York, so unfortunately it's here to stay.
Nothing to with last night.

But last night did show how the Mets can knock an opposing pitcher out of a game in the second inning and still find themselves quickly down by 10. It's not just in their heads, it's in everybody's heads. The Mets are the yanks' little brothers. Organization-wide, right down to the average know-nothing New York neutral baseball fan. I hope one day it changes, believe me.
aside from our boy Bronson, the rest of the freaking league sucks.

Suggestion- the former has everything to do with the latter. And he's coming back down to earth a bit, following his career pattern.

Just saying.

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