Saturday, July 08, 2006

Triple Crown

It took the Devil Rays 18 innings to score after we left town. And it was one run in the ninth inning of a 5-1 loss. They better get a win out of this series, with Kris Wilson on the hill for Mr. Dunbar tomorrow. Before Wednesday, Wilson hadn't seen any action since '03.

Papelbon continues to be awesome, and we're back on proverbial fire. And David is going to threaten the all-time Red Sox single-season HR record. I hope I'm at Fenway for that.

A 2, 3, or 4 game lead at the break. Nice.

Tonight was "people we know" night in NYC. I met up with Pat and his girlfriend and we went down to St. Mark's before getting some Mexican food. First we saw a dude that plays in a band we know, and who used to be a Danbury scenester. He totally didn't recognize us and we totally decided not to bring attention to ourselves. He probably would've been too stoned to recognize us anyway.

Next up, while looking at DVDs, who was also browsing, but Little Steven Van Zandt himself. Best known to most folks as the dude on that show I don't watch, and to many others as "that garage rock radio show guy," to me he'll always be the guy doing weird things with his eyes, playing a ukulele, and putting his face really close to Bruce Springsteen's in the Glory Days video, the only video ever to mention Graig Nettles. (Eff Nettles, by the way.)

Finally, while walking along, suddenly Pat hugs a dude. It was someone he hadn't seen in eight years.

It's a big city, but a small world.

the only video ever to mention Graig Nettles

Also the only known reference to a pitch called a "speedball".
A Little Steven sighting. How great is that! He used to be known as Miami Steve back back back in the pre-Born To Run days. I ran into the Big Man (Clarence Clemon) here in Farmington a couple years ago. The only E Streeter I've ever met, other than the Boss himself.
Iain, you took the words out of my mouth with the speedball reference.
Peter, I've referred to him as "Miami Steve Van Zandt" for as long as I can remember! Man, I'm old!

(And, Jere, I don't watch 'that show' either. I haven't watched it once.)
You know you've reached a new level of celebrity when you in fact have two different nicknames. If it were me, I'd much rather be known as "Miami Steve" than "Little Steven". Not that anyone's asking...

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