Monday, July 03, 2006

The Thirdth Of July

Yes, of course I love that the Yanks have a guy named TJ on their team.

Hey, by the way, how's that "thousand runs" thing comin' along? I heard only one team scored less runs than ol' Mr. Dunbar in June. That's the rumor.

Oh Georgie Porgie!Sox got shutout by the Mets' best all-time prospect, Scott "Let me take you there" Kazmir, Kazmir, Kaaaaaz-mir! You gotta hand it to the kid, but not to the Mets, who've been screwing us ever since we swept them. It's Ducth Door action.

Now the Yanks are down three in the ninth, at Cleveland. Looks good, right? Yeah, except that the Native Americans have decided the best thing to do is put in that nine and a half-fingered monster, Bob "Can I make it any clearer that I'm still on Steinbrenner's payroll?" Wickman.

He's thrown about fifty balls in a row. The crowd is all --- oh Jesus, they botch a double play ball. But they still get one. Second and third, two outs. Come on, fatty. Rheesus Monkey Butter CupsYanks send up Reese to make Wick think about peanut butter cups. Newsflash: He's already thinking about peanut butter cups. 2-0. Now a pitch hits the ground, almost, but the guy calls it a strike. Now 2-2. Foul. I wonder if Wickman's trying to pull a Wohlers here. Give 'em the second best pitch til he hits it.

Wow. Wickman throws him out on a grounder to win it. Never have I been so sure a guy would throw it away. He almost did. Speaking of that, great play by Beckett on a double play tonight. Pitchers rarely make a perfect throw to second on those, but he did, and Gonzalez took it right in stride. Too bad we couldn't score for Josh.

But, 4 games up. Toronto's down 5-1 late, so they'll probably still be 5 back. I'm totally rooting for them to overtake Dunby and then put some space between them. It's a risk I'm willing to take.

This had me laughing hysterically at work. (You know, during an authorized break period.) I don't have sound on my computer there. So when I got home and watched it with sound, it wasn't as funny. So I recommend turning down your volume and enjoying.

What were the Mets thinking of? 22 years old and boy can he pitch! And a lefty to boot. Tip our caps and get 'em this afternoon.
The moment Michael Kay said Wickman was coming in and he "always makes it interesting" (which I already knew), I shut the volume off on my tv and focused on the laptop. I was convinced he was going to blow it.

I can't begrudge Kazmir his amazingly-pitched game. Beckett did a nice job too, though. As he said in post-game interviews, he just got out-pitched.

I agree, Peter, we'll get 'em this afternoon!

Happy Fourth of July!
Duquette The Lesser(Jim), Some Asshat in Mets Scouting & Pitching Coach Rick Peterson(Smart As McCarver Which isn't saying anything other than the Guy's an asshat) are the brains in the Victor Zambrano for Scott Kazmir Deal:

"Jay Buehner For Ken Phelps" Anyone?
Hey, I just clicked on "this." Just a riot. My favorite part was the coach giving the chimp a pep talk after the loss.
"My baseball people loved Ken Phelps' bat! Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps!"
A related comment. Tonight, on PBS at 10 on ch. 13 is a show called POV (point of view). It's subject tonight is Japanese baseball for its youngest players, and how much it means to them to "make" the team(s). Good reviews. It is on at 11 here on Ct Public TV. Worth watching? It sounds like it.
What the hell is the deal with the bulldog??
I know, right? There's so much to wonder about in that...

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