Monday, July 17, 2006

Some Jeres Like It Hot

It's an adjective-conjuring ninety-five degrees here in Manhattan. (But according to, it "feels like" 100!) I love it. I love to feel my face on fire. It's like when you get the chills when you're sick, and you get into a hot car, and you know it's not supposed to feel good, but it's just so nice and cozy. Until you get the fever again, and then puke or whatever. But I'm not sick, so I can fully enjoy the heat that's smothering me so wonderfully.

(I also love hearing non-heat lovers complain. Like Chan! TJ, Chan!)

I love it all. Hot, cold, rain, show, haze. Especially haze. But no wind. Wind is the incarntaion of hair-mussing evil. Who's down with banning wind from crossing our borders?

I'm on my way to another Colbert taping. The secret is to have all your friends request four tickets over and over. So then you get a steady diet of Colbert, without breaking any rules. Look for the old Sox hat if they show the crowd. No Bad News Bears Amanda Wurlitzer jersey for me tonight. A little too hot for that.

Hi Jere, I don't think you know me. I've posted a few comments on A and Cyn's blogs. I really like the term "dunbar". I maybe that I just don't like saying the y word.
Thanks for giving me an alternative.

Last night I watched the white house press luncheon where Colbert rails the pres right in front of him. Beautiful. I was doubled over in laughter.

The royals just put up 3. We gotta score some runs. I forget what it is like. We really need to take it to KC.

Goodbye, First Place. It was nice knowing you.
The backstory on the Tim comment above: Over at, aka Cyn's blog, Tim here posted a comment, referring to the Yanks as "Dunbar." I was very excited, but kind of figured it was someone I knew. So the fact that he wasn't makes it that much cooler. Thanks, Tim, or as I call you, King of the World. Keep up the Dunbar-ing, everyone. Join Tim's royal family.

And Tim, re: Colbert, since you brought that up about Colbert, I'll include in my next post something he shared with the studio audience before the show that relates to the White House thing.

AJM: Congrats on your engagement and subsequent capturing of the woman from the Upper East. But anti-congrats on your negative attitude. (Although after I got out of Colbert tonight, I heard it was 3-0, and said to Brian and Chan, "Oh god, close up shop right now if we lose to the Royals." But at least I didn't write it down! Oh, wait, I just did. Well, at least I said "if."
Ha! I actually had the complete opposite attitude and my mom and I were there in the pahk. She was convinced we were going to lose - since the Sox have never won a game when she's been in attendance - and I had to keep reminding her that this WAS her big win game and that it was all part of a much larger plan. She reluctantly believed me and it def paid off. She got to hear the walking out Standells followed by Tessie followed by Three Dog Night.
Nice! Good job making the Sox win, WC and her mom!
Thank you very much; we're getting married on Sunday in Sleepy Hollow. There's a folk song in there somewhere. Anyway, I'm gonna try and claim reverse mojo with my negative attitude earlier tonight. Hey, it worked! :)

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