Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Saint Frank Treats

Check out this article, from the San Francisco Chronicle. This dude kind of goes back and forth between making me mad and making me laugh. But it all works out in the end, with some great A-Rod bashing. Make sure you at least read the last line of the article if you only skim the rest.

By the way, A-Rod actually did something I can't make fun of him for (but countless others will) last night. In Arlington, the scoreboard was doing "Kiss-Cam," and cut to a shot of A-Rod in the dugout. Without skipping a beat, he turns to Andy Phillips and gives him a kiss on the forehead. Then again, this could have been a publicity stunt to make him seem like a nice guy to the Texas fans who hate him so. I only say that because, well, he's an insecure little prick, but also because I was reminded yesterday by Mike Francesa of all A-Rod's demands when the Mets were toying with signing him a few years ago. His office in the stadium, personal billboards, entire celestial bodies put into orbit to store his collection of gold bars...stuff like that.

And while we're speaking of Steve Perry's ci-tay, San Francisco Sox Fan is documenting her or his* experiences at the Sox series in Oakland, or as I call it, Alterfrisco.

3:35 eastern today, Sox have the third game against the Athletics. And you know what that means? Maybe I'm going to the well one too many times. So, maybe I shouldn't...yeah, of course I should: Bad news for the Athletics!

*I can't tell, and I like it! There's no talk of the players being cute and there's no classic sports-guy-mysogyny that's supposed to be funny but isn't. It's a good blog and it's fun to just not know or care which sex it's coming from. I almost don't want to know. But I'm sure I'm about to find out. I hope I didn't offend you, SFSF. Like in the Brian Regan routine: "Excuse me, sir--" "MA'AM!!!"

Kiss on the forehead?

Once again, with the big lights shining, A-Rod fails to score.
Has to be a guy refers to anyone as their "Red Sox playmate," unless the playmate in question is actually a Playmate. And one of "their" fave movies is Fever Pitch- has to be a girl, I'm telling you...I know no male Sox fan who liked that movie...yet and still, nice reporting from the Bay- good blog...
Thanks Mattysox and Jere,

I really appreciate the plug for my blog!

"My Red Sox Playmate" asked to be given that handle - "My Red Sox Playmate"'s former handle was "The Furry One". Not sure why they wanted to change it.

As to revealing my gender - after I read your comments, I kind of like keeping it a secret. So for now on, I'll be like the old SNL skits - just call me "Pat".

P.S. - Jere - I put a link on my blog to yours. Thanks again.
No problem, dude--, uh, I mean, lady-- or whatever.

Keep up the good and gender unspecific work. Maybe you could tell us where in New York and New England you lived. If you want. So I can say, "Oh I totally went there once and ate pizza" or something.

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