Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rod Sex Aftar Derk

Well, Hendu was enjoyable until:

"The Yankees always get tabbed with 'They buy championships' and 'they have all the money.' The Red Sox do the same thing. They're right behind 'em!"

Not quite, Dave. You just moved down on the "beloved" list. Other than that, he and the other guys were good, especially talking about all the Sox fans there. They said they either relocated from New England or made the trip out to Seattle. There was no "ever since 2004..." bullshit talk.

Moyer was wearing the classic stirrups! Hope those five homers don't make he stop doing that. Nice to get a win for KySny, who appears to have hurt himself.

“I’m not superstitious, but No. 58 has been very good to me and I don’t see any reason to change now.”--Jon Papelbon

Hey, Jon:

Superstition: An irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.

Jason just started his blog, but he's already made a multi-daily reader out of this cowboy. Lots of fun and interesting stuff, like the link this game. I was warned that it would make me want to kill myself. That's about right. Don't worry, the game isn't broken. You just haven't typed in the right thing yet.

Now that Captain Upside is back, so are the rain dance high fives. I like those. Do well, C.U. Or it's C.U. later to the dugout fun.

&, ONCE AGAIN, on a Saturday, we are WITHOUT Red Sox on TV, as FOX has The Mets:

Even worse, is -uck & Mc Cahvah, are doing their schtick;

Jer, I have a friend in Chicago who loves baseball and has had a blog for a few years. His is in the same vein as Jason. Rebecca has been there and even links to it. He reminds me of you in writing skill. Check him out. Oh, and I'm proud of Snyder and am looking forward to his Wednesday start. Pound the zone, that's what he did, and did well. I'm going to go through my 1983-86 video tape collection of Sox stuff, and I'll email it too you. I know some of the games were on 38and?or 30. It's been 20 years, about time someone watched them. And you can make the copies. I know I have a couple of the '86 post-season games, maybe more. Interested? And here's the link to Terry's (a guy) blog. He is fun to read. Take care my friend
I'd forgotten today was a Fox game. Shit! All that money I pay for Extra Innings to see the games, and it's another Saturday without the Red Sox. Then I thought, well, it looks rainy, maybe the Mets will be rained out. Within seconds, rain started coming down in buckets out my window. But...we're the 4:00 game. Fox 5 in NY doesn't even have a 4:00 game. So, no chance, I think. Unless, the Mets have a rain delay at some point after 4, and they switch us over? Maybe? I doubt it.

Peter, you told me about that guy a long time ago. You said he wrote like me. I went, and just had no interest, and didn't see the similarities.
OK, just forgot I mentioned it. Sorry about Fox sucking so much. You should be able to see this game. And I will get that '86 inventory to you soon. Promise. I'm sure email is the best way. Hey to Chan.
Sorry you guys can't see the game... but I'm psyched the Sox are finally on this coast! All the games are sold out, of course, but we're going to fight through the 100 degree heat this weekend and pick up tickets outside the game.

Jere: Your army has descended on my blog! From no less than 6 separate states - thanks! Your sphere of influence is clearly massive; I think it's time to consider a national blog tour. It would work just like book tours, but you could visit stores/bars/coffeeshops/living rooms and read from your favorite entries.
With comp air travel and everything else. Right Jason? I enjoyed your blog.
No problem, Jason. I'm glad you're taking advantage of the Sox being in your town.

A blog tour, eh? That's not a bad idea. I should get, like, Fabio or somebody to be me, and go around, do the readings of my material, sign autographs using my name.

Hey, Castiglione just said it was 97 at Sea/Tac yesterday, a record. Seattle rules.

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