Wednesday, July 19, 2006

RIP Barnard Hughes

aka "Grandpa" from The Lost Boys. Dead at 90. Thanks to the great Lileks for this info.

For more of my twisted Lost Boys writing, do yourself a favor and click here.

Have some double-thick Oreos and a root beer for Grandpa tonight. Better yet, leave 'em alone. Nobody touches the second shelf but Grandpa.

My Mom(Now deceased) said that Barnard Hughes was a favorite:

I saw him in "Da", a story of a deceased Irish father, who, humorously talked with his son.
I always think of the early 80s tv show "Mr Merlin" when I see Barnard Hughes.

Yes, I'm old. :-)

RIP, Mr Merlin!
"...all the damn vampires."

*refrigerator door shuts, cutting off light*

RIP, Mr.-Hughes-type-old-dude. I love that movie, and you'll always be "Grandpa" to me.

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