Wednesday, July 19, 2006

RED SOX WIN 1-0 (Again)

And I just heard some dickwad on EEI recently complaining that we don't win close, low-scoring games, even being pissed at a 7-0 win. And now two 1-0 wins in a row.

Seattle takes a 3-2 lead into the bottom of the eighth here in New York.

Update: Mr. Dunbar loses. Very key to pick up a game today. Good job, everybody.

Update: The last time we won two home games in a row by 1-0 scores, Babe Ruth started one of those games for us. 1916.

Sorry(Yankees Suck)ers!
The next time we will win two home games in a row 1-0: June 24 + 25, 2008, with starting pitchers Papelbon and Papelbon.
Article by me on Dave Wallace, on Fenway Nation on Page 1.
And at Good job Michael. And great job Paps, who saved 3 for 3 and swept the Royals out of Boston. Wish we could follow them home!

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