Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rare Mid-Season Quiz

Insert the letters from three* U.S. state abbreviations into Jon Lester's name and get the name of a former Giant. Name the correct states and the Giant.

Ponson had a rough start in his first game as a Dunbar, giving up a three run homer in the first. He honestly looks like he's wearing one of those inflatable Sumo wrestler outfits.

Blogger will be down from 8 to 9 eastern, so watch for that. At least they gave us a warning.

*After thinking about it, the six letters that make up the three states can also be used to make three totally different states. Not that it will really help you that much.

Do you need to scramble the letters in 'Lester' to make it work, or can you leave those alone and just insert the other six letters? And we're talking baseball Giants, right? San Fran, or NY?
If you just insert Massachusetts (MA) into Lester, you get former noodle-bat Giants shortstop Johnnie LeMaster.

See, I'm trying...
Yeah, you got it, basically. I started by putting in the MA to get Jon LeMaster. Then I realized his actuall given name was Johnnie. So you have to add HI and NE to get that part. Or you could use ME, IA, and NH.

Johnnie LeMaster.

Great job, AJM, I didn't think anyone would come close.

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