Monday, July 24, 2006

Pretty Pretty Pain Cave

Does anyone remember this? It was during the Wayne's World craze, and out of the blue, MTV started airing this song they did called "Pain Cave." I still don't understand what this tune has to do with anything. But I don't care, it's awesome. It almost looks like Myers doesn't even realize they're being filmed.

Click huge box to play video:

I Googled "pain cave" and there isn't much talk about it. So here it is.

On the screen:

The Wayne's World Band Featuring Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar (as visualized by Wayne and Garth)
"Pain Cave"
I Hear the Trees Are Crying
Tentpole Records/A Subsidiary of Shwing Productions

Unless I'm wrong, and I never am, that Wayne & Garth clip was from an MTV special they did to promote WW2, during which they acted stupid and played some funny videos, including that one. It was the special where they had the top 10 most misunderstood band names, i.e. "Led Zeppelin," which would make people think it was a "guided, or even coerced zeppelin." Hadn't seen that in many a moon...classic.
Very good call. Sounds right. On this tape, that's all I've got of it. I'm sure on one of my other tapes lies the entire special. I hope people realize I'm leaving extra stuff like commercials in there on purpose.
Love the fact that you left a few random things at the end. I have a wicked old vid that includes me changing channels a lot. Good stuff. Would like to see more.

Word Verification is kentj. Do you know anyone named Ken who is doing a terrible job?
Yes I do. See 2 posts above this one... (Manny HR as I write this, right now!)

Uh, so, yeah, glad you like the bonus stuff. Much of my teen years were spent taping stuff, and I rarely cut out commercials, to sort of preserve the era. Like, if you told me you had a movie I liked on tape, and you taped it from TV, like, Channel 11 to us tri-state area kids, which is kind of like Boston's 38, I'd be so psyched, just for the 80s commercials.

(Mine's rufpdx--if Taylor was more extreme, he'd be "Rough PD-X!" That's a WCSG joke, everybody.)

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