Thursday, July 27, 2006

Not With Three We Couldn't

I get mad when I have to miss part of a game, like today, on my walk home from work. Because I can't will any good to happen, without seeing or hearing the game. That fifteen minutes proved costly today as usual. I left work at 2-0. I got home and it was 5-0. Not fair. Had I seen those fifteen minutes, I think I could've at least kept it at 2-0. I'm glad we're headed back to Fenway. I'll be up there Saturday and Sunday.

After the game, Chan and I headed down to Pier 54 to watch Jaws. Watching movies, especially one of my favorites, outside on a summmer night is about the coolest thing you can do as a human. Pier 54 is no Bryant Park, but it's still cool. Here's what it looked like:

Arriving at the pier, looking out at the screen with Jersey in the background, across the Hudson.

Really good sunset. Rampant with Jesus beams.

I walked out beyond the screen and got more Jersey with more cool sky above.

The Jaws crowd from behind the screen. It seems like the Empire State Building is visible from all NYC outdoor movie locations.

A close-up of the fiery sky.

Then I got home and saw a comment from AJM calling the Texas Rangers a bunch of chokers. Oh no, I thought, I forgot all about Dunbar, and it looks like they won. I checked texasrangers dot com and saw something about a cruching loss. Oy. After the Yanks' 4-hit attack in yesterday's Texas loss--that's right, 7 runs on 4 hits--they go and blow one in the ninth. Terrible job. We're still up 1.5 games. Am I worried? Eh, No Peg.

Haren was on..and a 3-3 west coaster is OK. The Yanks comeback? Not OK. Texas...terrible job.
HGHiamBALCO Has found Bliss In The Eye Of The Needle:

It is NOT Cheeseburgers, that CHEATING PO#2.
Might I complete the Jere/Jaws history here? (Peter should appreciate this.)
So I'm 9.2 months pregnant and Jere's Dad and I go to see Jaws. When the guy's head falls out of the boat (underwater scene), I scream and grab Dad's arm except I forgot Dad is on my right, not my left. I grab a perfect stranger's arm and he screams so loud that the house broke up. (Poor man thought the head had landed on him.)
Jere was born a week or so later on Sept. 8th though I was really hoping for Labor Day.
Any difficulty Jere's ever had or ever will have he can blame on Jaws not me.
Mom, click on the "Bryant park" link in this post and read the third paragraph. I only didn't tell that story because I told it last year...
I once took a line drive in the solar plexus. If it had hit me in the head I'd at least have an excuse. (Ah, well... it's a good story.)

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