Friday, July 21, 2006

Next Weekend: Get Your Tix Now

A lot of tix just went on sale at for the next homestand. Go now, quick. I already had standing room for Sunday vs. the Angels, that I got a while ago, which turned into a night game. I wanted to switch that so me and Pat could go on Saturday instead--I got those just now, two pavilion standing room. Then I thought, well, I might as well try to upgrade my Sunday tickets. I used the "select one, then select another and see if they're close" method, and it worked out perfectly. Two in section 23, not too far back, one in front of the other, or "piggy back" as sleazy scalpers would say.

Then I said, Well, I'm already taking Monday off since I'll be there so late on Sunday, why not get myself a ticket for Monday? I could've gotten front row, down past the foul pole. I was this close. In the 1 minute and 30 seconds I had to decide, I mentally put myself there, and realized that from that spot, you can't see crap. Yes, there's the fun of being in the front row, but you're down really low, facing the bullpens, and you possibly have the foul pole itself in your way... Not worth the 45 bucks (plus charges).

What's this Shea Hillenbrand boogie-woogie?
I think the Yankees should try and get him since their third baseman sucks.

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