Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Mom Is Gonna Love This

In 1986, young Jere came in to pitch the fourth, fifth and sixth innings of Ridgefield Little League's Majors consolation game. Watch here as the sidewinder gets the final out of the game, a 5-3 groundout. Rotary beats Community Center, aka the "Commies," 7-5, at Aldrich Field.

Other stars you may recognize: Doug Jarrow at short, Pete Williams at first, my dad, facing camera in white shirt, giving high fives. Hey, is that Billy Zeyer walking across the field in the high socks? Did he ump this game?

So, Chan hooked me up with this thing that allows you to put stuff from TV onto the computer. I have hundreds of tapes full of Cuh-rap. One I had here at my apartment was the '86 Consolation Game, so I figured I'd use it to test out the technology. So look for more video nonsense in the near future.

(Above video by I don't know, somebody's dad. Possibly Andy Jonic's dad, because I think he's the loud voice. And the batter I retired for that last out--a young Craig Biggio. As far as you know.)


That's awesome. I don't remember the announcer though. Did they do that for all games?
Thanks. They did have a mic there sometimes. Even the less up-to-date (but with way more heart) Fitzgerald Field had a mic system that they'd use if there was someone there to "announce." Definitely they had someone on mic for championship game day.
I wonder how -uck & Mc Hairdye would've handled the coverage?

How many times would they have been wrong?
Yes, I did love it. That was the game where a mom from the other team went to the umpire to complain that you were cheating by throwing underhand. The umpire explained, "That's a submarine pitch, lady."
Nice film Jere, do you have any more by any chance? -Ted White
Hey Ted! First of all, note that you are mentioned on this blog by name--in the 8/23/06 post. Surprisingly, it's not about you hitting the HR off me with a wooden bat (although that still does come up every once in a while).

Anyway, we got that tape from someone else. That's the only game I have, but I do have the whole thing--although the person would often stop taping between pitches.
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