Thursday, July 20, 2006

Movie Update

I just put all of my movies onto So now you can steal them and put them directly on your own site! If you do, please give me credit and put up a link to this blog. Thank you.

Click the "movies" label below to watch my movies.

They're also still up at Putfile here. But if one doesn't get clicked on at Putfile for a while, it gets taken down. So that might not stay current. But both the YouTube and Putfile links will always be in my links section, probably toward the top.

Here's the last one I made, O-Men.

There wasn't much response to this one, so I'm putting it up again. I'm also putting it here because I think it's awesome. The official deal with it: Manny and Papi were doing their backwards running while the commercial for The Omen played on the scoreboard. My initial idea was to simply play my footage backwards, so it would look like they were running forwards. When I did that, the sound of the commercial also played backwards, of course, and it created a really eerie thing, I think. So I didn't play with the film or the sound in any way, other than to play the whole thing backwards (and slow it down a little at the end). Let me know if you think this is at all cool.



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