Monday, July 17, 2006

The Mighty S.C.

Brian, Chan and I went to tonight's Colbert Report taping over in bizarro world, aka the West Side. I once again was pointed out for my Sox hat by the warmup comic. Only a quick one, as he said "Whatta ya got a Boston hat on? You a fan?" "Lifelong," I said. "Don't die," he said as he moved on. I don't really get it. Maybe meaning the fanship ends when I die? Oh well, he wasn't on his game tonight. But Colbert was. Like every other time, I felt like it was the best show he's done yet. But that could be because I was there.

There was only one mess-up tonight. In the past there have been more. Of course, the mess-ups are great, because they're always so funny. I think my favorite part of these tapings in the five minutes where Stephen takes questions right before the show. Since we only see him in character on TV, it's great to hear him just be himself, of course, the opposite of the character. One question was "what's the most disgusting thing a guest has done?" Stephen said, "some people have defended the Iraq war." Then he added that some people said they went on the show and realized later it didn't go as well as they'd have liked. He said he considered that to be playing with other peoples' time and that is disgusting. And he was totally serious. But normally he's just damn funny, always ready with a great comeback. There was also some controversy as someone brought up the controversial topic of whether or not a red panda was a bear. It led to Stephen admitting he was wrong, but only off air. He also was asked what Bush said to him when he shook his hand at the White House dinner. Turns out Bushie put his mouth right up to Stephen's ear and said sternly, "Well done." Which was funny to hear in Colbert's Bush-accent.

I highly recommend going to a taping if you can. If you like the show on TV, you'll have the time of your month, month and a half, seeing it live.

Afterwards, we got Brian's car and saw a famous person. That would be a dude who appears on Letterman sometimes and has a goatee. We knew he was from the show but couldn't quite remember what he does. Something like entering the stage, saying something mildly funny, and walking off, if I know my Letterman. We confirmed it was him when we saw a sign in the lot that said "Parking for CBS." Then we went to Harry's Burritos. Not bad. I felt like the waitresses didn't respect us because we weren't all Upper West Sided out, though.

Manhattanhenge 2 was going on, so we got to see our really long shadows, which is always really cool. Maybe Wednesday or Thursday I'll get some pics of the phenomenon.

Then I heard it was 3-0 Royals. I was pissed. I got home, put on the TV, and saw we were up 5-4, with Pap on the mound and three outs to go, which he got. A key homer by our Doug M., I understand. I noticed some boos for their, formerly our Doug M. when he batted in the ninth. Can someone tell me what the reaction was when he was first announced? I saw nothing about it in any articles, and nothing on (Although I did see that someone was complaining that DirecTV no longer shows pre- and post-game. Welcome to my Extra Innings world.) I would hope Doug would get a big cheer.

Okay, I have to go watch the show I just saw live now. Brian laughed when no one else did after Stephen said the line "mission accomplished." I'll be listening for that.

Whoa. As Stewart just did the lead-in to Colbert, Colbert said, "As mis hermanos the Dead Kennedys said, 'kill kill kill kill kill the poor.'" A DK mention!

When our former Doug M. was announced, there was half hearted cheering. After that, boos and "give the ball back" chanting. I didn't boo. I think it's pretty silly, all the negative hoopla over the ball. Then again, my criteria for booing is pretty lean:
1. Signing with the Yanks.
2. Beating up on women.
He totally did nothing wrong. All he did is what everyone else has ever done in his situation, keep the ball that was in his glove. Sure, sometimes you'll go out of your way to give it to the star of the game or whatever. But I know the last thing I was thinking of at that moment was the actual ball. And if someone had asked me at the time "What about that last ball?" I'd have said, "Oh, let's see, it was Doug who ended up with it. Cool. Why?"
At the time, the most overridingly important thing to me was that he CAUGHT the ball. After that, a happy blur. The rest? BS. And so much of that from LL. And the rags.

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