Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Indepen F'n Dent

Fifteen minutes ago I was pissed, as Gonzalez' line drive was caught by the pitcher to end the sixth, and at the same time, the Yanks were playin' their patented dickety dick dick dick ball, Damon reaching on an error, Jeter Jetering one under the first baseman's glove to start the game. (Yet Micheal Kay was acting like that wussed-out rally was done with some kind of skill or good play. Hmmmm.)

Now, Papi has tied our game, and Chacon has given up four runs, and the first inning isn't over yet.

Hey, Orsillo, stop saying "in tonight's game." It's a day game.

Papelbon, when doing an anti-violence commercial, think about not wearing camo.

Now, before I can get this post online, Aaron F'n Boone (who made the error earlier) kills the Indian rally and Schil gives up another gopher ball.

Pissed again.

19-1 isn't too bad. I like that Pronk helped us out. Too bad Timlin fell apart completely.

Random thought of the day : NESN needs a new theme song, kind of like TigerTV used that Eric Johnson song "Cliffs of Dover" for every highlight reel and almost every segment back in the day. Which reminds me, I saw him on YouTube last week, and although he gets points from me for wearing what looks like a marching band uniform on stage it's not so exciting to watch :

Wow, that's wank-tastic.

Tiger TV was a Ridgefield-Bethel-Danbury institution. Are they still running "As If But Not Quite?" That Kevin Peraino really made a name for himself later, but Ridgefielders know him as the dude who, besides starring for the Kiwanis Little League team, interviewed Danny DeVito for high school television when he was filming Other People's Money in the Ridgefield "suburb" of Georgetown. "We're Georgetown! Acknowledge us!" "No, you have no post office, you're part of Ridgefield. And terrible job on that crazy intersection where everybody has accidents."
I thought Georgetown was part of Redding and that Branchville was our "suburb". *

* Ridgebury doesnt even qualify as a suburb.
The sections of Ridgefield are: Branchville, Ridgebury, uh, Barlow Mountain? Veteran's Park? I don't even know. But being a Ridgebury native, I can say we took great pride in our little neck of the literal woods, but never had the audacity to think we were our own town, like Georgetown does.
I'd say Mimosa Circle, Ridgebury, and I'm sure there's some name for everything over near Silver Spring road near the old school house. No idea other than Ridgebury what the other sections would be though.

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