Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gedman Stays In Fourth Place

Wow, a one-hitter. Great job by Lester. Varitek moved into the all-time Sox lead for games caught. Really nice moment when they played the tribute to him, and he came out of the dugout and waved to the standing crowd. Gee, for a treatment like that at Yankee Stadium, you'd have to...hit a sacrifice fly to cut the lead to two in the fourth inning in a May game versus the Indians.

And great job by Tek for getting Gedman a mention and his name on the screen on NESN.

The Yanks are in a rain delay right now, tied in the bottom of the ninth. If you still don't believe umps are influenced by the loud Yankee Stadium crowd, you are officially a stupid person. Ninth inning, the rain and lightning and thunder arrive, the crowd is going wild. Wild enough to make the ump call Posada safe at first when he was clearly out. And the Yanks go on to tie it up. Hargrove was ejected over it, it was that obvious. When Yes showed the first replay, it was kind of a bad angle. Kaat, former good announcer turned complete Yankee cronie, says, "Posada tied it, that could've gone either way." Then he goes into the old "when you have to look at it this many times..." Problem with that, Kitty, is we'd only seen it once at that point. And with the Mariners arguing like crazy, I'm guessing even the most die-hard Yankee fan was expecting the next replay to show he was clearly out. And that's what it did show. So out that even Kay came right out and admitted it, and Kaat had to as well. Mr. Dunbar cheats to win. I'm not afraid to speak the truth.

Hopefully the M's can overcome the travesty when the game continues. But I might be in bed by then. I'm kind of tired.

Atta boy, Jere! I was hoping you'd have a post up immediately about that complete miscarriage of justice. That one was almost as bad as the game last year against the Pirates where Sheffield hit into what was clearly a game-ending DP, but the ump completely blew the call, and Giambi ended up hitting a steroids-assisted walk-off in extra innings.
Ahhh, but this is done to assist FOX' Bottom Line & Baseball Knows it:

& The Steroid Scandal Runs through DFBronx & Baseball Knows it;

Alas, it's about the cash;

Are Umps that afraid of The Dumbest Cows ever to pretend to watch a Baseball Game?

& "NO" always has the worst angle replays, 1st.
& there are no blood tests for HGH, as much of it is used in DFBronx.
It's only the demougraphics.
Just watched Cabrera's walk-off. Did Michael Kay really say "And there's the patented A-Rod helmet-flip"? WTF???

Only on YES...

Sheer Moronics!
Did he really say "patented?" I hope with all the hope in the world that he was kidding. If not, I propose we all get together and simply end the life of Michael Kay, by way of Asian-American H20 Mistreatment.
Kay=Sheer Moronics!

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