Friday, July 21, 2006

Funny Stuff From Up North

Ken Singleton had just finished saying how some Yankee pitcher had hinted that A-Rod needs to learn how to throw the ball, and that for the team to win, you shouldn't do that because you have to have "all your oars in the water." Then there was a grounder that A-Rod let get by him. Singleton, Kay, and Leiter immediately made the excuse that the last bounce hit the dirt as opposed to the turf, so he didn't get the right bounce. Whatever--glove down! They teach you in Little League!

A few batters later (this was the first inning), Jaret Wright had given up two runs on three hits and a walk. Kay comes out with this rhinestone:

"Not to make excuses for Jaret Wright, but every single hit in this inning has been the cause of the field."

And as he finishes that thought, the next guy rockets one to the gap. 4-0 Jays after one. That's where we are now.


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