Saturday, July 01, 2006


No, it's not the dilemma I would've faced had my ex-girlfriend been smothering me, it's what the Red Sox have been lately. For more games in a row than any team before. Ever. Sweet. I'd glady trade it for a win last night, though.

Alex Gonzalez, I'm your biggest fan, but the next time someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES! (Where "someone asks you if you're a god" = "you're up with Ortiz as the tying run on deck and you have a 2-0 count" and "say YES!" = "take some pitches and if you do swing, don't try to hit the ball out, we need David to do that, not you!")

After being able to root against the Mets, I'm right back to the frustrating task of rooting for them against the Yanks. And we all know what happens when they play the Yanks: The Mets team disappears and is replaced by a group of randomly selected retarded children. The only thing they've got going for them at this point is that the odds of getting swept twice in a row are fairly high. Or low. You know what I mean.

Today's band name of the day: Copyright Crackdown. (Origin: from a comment I posted at Joy of Sox.)

Okay, so, back to winning tonight. The pitching was actually great yesterday after the first two innngs. We're good.

We ARE good. And NOW is the time for the Mets to construct a modest 2 game winning streak. Oh, and if I may stray, just a little, Matty ran this link on his blog, and I'm hoping if you haven't seen it, you will now. Sound needed.
Randomly-Selected Retarted Children?

It gives Randomly-Selected Retarded Children a Bad Name:

How about "Brain Dead Ass Hats?"

New link for an anti Dirt Dog Site:
Throwing this into the band name ring: All Must Pay, as seen on a parking meter, as in "All may park. All must pay."
Also, Bomb Squad, which was the name of the short-lived band I was in in college. And also the JewJewBees, a yarmulke-wearing, Stryper-attired hardcore band.
Really, can anything top the name of Kinky Friedman, next governor or Texas band's name? "The Texas Jewboys" whose hits include: "I'm an Asshole from El Paso," and "They Don't Make Jews Like Jesus Anymore."
In regards to "Randomly Selected Retarded Children":

You must mean Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver, don't you?

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