Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Elusive NESsie

You Sox fans who live in New England* don't have to think of this stuff, but as an Extra Innings, I get all the games--sometimes it's the NESN feed, sometimes it's the other team's. It was the same deal when I had Note to mlb: Everyone hates this system. Why aren't we questioning this?

All I've ever wanted is the chance to watch the Red Sox on TV in my home. I finally have that, and Baseball Gods, don't think I don't appreciate it, but it's still just not right.

I'm not allowed to have a satellite dish, so basically I'm still in a position where there's nothing I can do--no amount of money I can pay--to just get this one network I want called NESN.

What year is this? Some kid can jump off his roof on a skateboard and simultaneously broadcast it to the entire world, but I can't get the one cable channel, no, the one TV channel I want.

I can choose to watch "Must Love Dogs" at any time, at the touch of a button. That's one step away from willing it to appear on my screen. But when it comes to baseball? Oh, we'll give you this elaborate system where you'll pay for a lot of stuff you don't want and as a bonus, you'll get to hear some scrub announcers doing your team's game. You'll feel right at home!

I'm paying $160 for every Red Sox game (except for when they play the Yanks or Mets or are on national TV, which makes up a huge chunk of the season), half of which are called by non-NESN announcers, and thirteen other games I have absolutely no interest in watching. How about this? I pay the same amount, and instead of wasting ten channels on me, give me one channel. NESN. Not even all the time. Just when the Red Sox are on. Sounds very simple to me.

Terrible job, powers that be. Let's all continue to demand what we want, in a world where we're promised everything at our fingertips. The "everything" continues to consist of most crap we don't want.

*In case you're relatively new to this blog, by "New England" I mean "New England except for Fairfield County, Connecticut." That's where I lived for the first 30 years of my life. In New England, but outside New England Sports Network's broadcast area. It's the one county they don't reach, bullshittily. Fortunately I had Coleman and Castiglione. When the Baltimore station (5 hours away) wasn't interfering with the Hartford station (1 hour away), that is. It may really be true: The only way I'll ever get New England Sports Network is to move to New England. Oh, wait, I grew up in New England, and still didn't get it. F you, Steinbrenner. I know you're behind this. Speaking of that, Aaron Boone just happens to be making error after error against the Yanks tonight...

I think you meant to point to the NE in that logo drawing.

could you really get the sox on radiop in ridgefield? not so in monroe... but yeah, I sure can listen to the o's any old time I want. and despite the fact that this is also the exclusive NL territory of the Mets, I can get the braves on TBS... except when they're playing the our boys. I'm not one of those paranoid people that think that our own government orchestrated 911, but I DO believe that king georgie is slipping the territory gods a large amount of money on a very regular basis.
I think my carat's in the perfect spot: "New England except the part you're in Sports Network."

And Boone made his third error minutes after I posted that.
I wrote a line in my live blog last night about how you don't get to see enough NESN, before I came over and read this. :-(
Sometimes growing up I could get Montreal games in Ridgefield - as well as the Sox and sometimes Baltimore. Mostly at night, when everything is bouncing around the ionosphere.

Up here in Medfield, MA (home of the Schilling), I can get the Yankees' station clearly during the day. Chew on that one for a while.
I agree. I can almost understand why for EI it doesn't work, at least given how EI is currently set up. (Though I agree I'd rather just have NESN including the games, and not really care about the rest). But it's absolutely ridiculous to not be given a choice on MLB.TV. I've gotten both teams' feeds on randomly a couple times (stop the feed, restart it, and it's the other team's feed). So obviously they have access to both. The online radio thing gives you a choice between the two feeds. So why can't give you a choice too?!? Absurd.
I get all the games--sometimes it's the NESN feed, sometimes it's the other team's. It was the same deal when I had Note to mlb: Everyone hates this system. Why aren't we questioning this?

Very good question. It's not like doesn't have the rights to the games, so why the hell can't we choose our feed - home or away - just like you can do with the radio feeds?

What is even more bizarre is that sometimes you get the other team's feed when watching the game live (the rule now seems to be that it's the home team feed), but when you go watch the Condensed Game or Highlight Reel, it's NESN. There is absolutely no logic to this whatsoever. really needs to get this sorted out and offer a real choice to fans. In the meantime, I'm stuck with the White Sox feed for this weekend's games... ::sticks very sharp objects in eyes::
maybe MLB is on the payroll of the Massachusetts department of taxation -- trying to get all of us to move up to MA just so we can watch NESN like normal people.
& DFYankees have stations in CT, VT, NH & MA on their radio network:

YES is seen, according to spies in New Haven, CT, as part of regular service;

George is behind all of this crap.
Jere, I'm a little confused, but what else is new. A question for you. If you were "allowed" a pizza sat. dish, would that enable you to be a NESN watcher, whenever you'd like? Or does where you are confuse and confound the whole viewing situation, sat. dish or not? Enlighten me, please. And Timmy, win tonight.
Or the non-Fairfield CT. My parents moved an hour away, but no closer to Boston, and now get NESN "like normal people."

"I wrote a line in my live blog last night about how you don't get to see enough NESN, before I came over and read this. :-( "

So this did help newer people understand my plight. It's like when you get a drastically different haircut, and then you meet someone new, and you don't realize that they don't know you as "[previous haircut] guy," but as "[new haircut] guy." Because you and everyone else still think of yourself as "[previous haircut] guy (with new haircut)."

Anyway, I'm glad you're on board with me on this current semi-travesty.
And Michael, YES is seen here in Hartford, on Comcast, and in a seperate Hi-Def feed now that NESN has its own dedicated Hi Def channel, channel 200. So there are 2 full-time NESN channels, and when the Yanks play, ch. 208, which is INHD#2, changes to YES HD. I have no problem with that. Basebal in HD is a revelation. But going without NESN. OMG!
I don't know about sat. dishes. I just remember looking into directv, and seeing that you could choose a regional sports network for a fee. So I thought you could get NESN. Like, normal NESN, all the time. Even if I was allowed (by my landlord), I'd definitely be paying even more for even more stuff I don't want, and there'd still be blacked out games, I think.

I just don't understand why you can't just choose what channels you want on TV, and pay for just those.

And yes, YES is on in New Haven, along with NESN.
So your problem is that your landlord wil not allow a pizza dish in the bulding where you live. I understand. And it still sucks! Take care.
my ex's father got a satelite sports package like that in Williamsport, PA (home of the little league WS and that freak-of-nature eight-pitch ivy-league moose, closer to Camden and Citizens, yet the exclusive territory of the pirates & yankees) He gets NESN, but the games are blacked out. I suspect you would have the same issue, unless you went with my "NESN fairy" plan.

As much as I complain, I think the network thing is a result of the socialist/revenue sharing policies of MLB. They want to pay all the networks equally for the service (even though they know that certain teams fund the system almost entirely.) If they let fans choose, certain teams could make a case for a much larger revenue share, leaving other teams out in the cold... and those are the teams who really need the money.
I want the NESN fairy to come to my house! (And kiss the nose of me til I feel be-e-e-tter.) (If you know that refeerence, you win a free surprise dinner with Chan. As in, it will be a surprise to him.)

And yes, my past, uh, every, landlords have had a no sat. dish/no pet rule. TJ by all of them.
I love it: "exclusive territory of the pirates & yankees"

So, guys, whose territory should Williamsport, PA be? The Pirates! Okay. Cool. Anyone else? Phillies? No? Okay, fine. Moving on... oh, what's that, George, you'd like for it to also be in the Yanks' territory? I don't know about th-- (hand with one million dollars slides into pocket) --uh, yeah, that is a good idea. Makes perfect sense. Randomtown, Pennsylvania should, OF COURSE, be the exclusive territory of the Pirates and Yankees. Next up on the agenda, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Part of New England so there should be no debate here---what's that, George?
it sounds familiar to me, but... damn. someone whisper it in my ear, please. I'm just dyin' for that dinner with Chan. maybe I can finally drink my corona that's been in the fridge for almost a year.
Reading a month old YES Network Web Page, where it's apparent that they don't update anything, the coverage area is NY, Parts of NJ & PA, & it looks like, all of CT:

Talk about territorial Hogs!
Frankly, I like it this way. NESN offers nothing of value when not playing the games, and I can definitely use a nice break from the way they broadcast a game sometimes. As much as I love to hear about all the crap he's selling too, I get tired of Remy eventually too.

I think it's as simple as offering the choice of broadcasts on EI, and I'd bet it's only a couple years away from being a feature. I'd still take more than a few team's guys over D&J, personally, much as I like them.
A choice, fine. As long as I can just have NESN. As a channel or as part of that package.

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