Monday, July 17, 2006

Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Bronson

Okay, so I was nice enough to give the pro-trade side a half a year for the NL to figure out Bronson as per BSM's request. I still say I'm right on this one. It doesn't seem like Wily Mo could possibly give us anywhere near what even an average starting pitcher right now.

Even giving him the extra run on his ERA makes Bronson a pretty good AL pitcher this year. And he's doing about as well as Josh Beckett did last year in the NL, and we got him and called him an ace.

I still say terrible job on this trade. I feel like it's already been proven that we could've used Bronson this year. Which is weird since the other side claimed as if it were pure fact that nothing could possibly go wrong with this trade. Lots more on this (i.e. all I've bottled up waiting for the All-Star break) as the second half goes on...


Tim told me it's Brandon;

Or Branson;

Or Brendan;

Oh, well, Tim is confused, anyway;

& Dave Wallace can't come back soon enough.
If it would hasten his return, I hope Dave Wallace can pitch tonight. Timmy might need another day. Seriously, DW is an underestimated genius. I love Al Nipper...I've seen him pitch live, and when he was on, and won, his glee, his sheer happiness, reverberated throught Fenway Park. There is no replacemet for that!

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