Friday, July 21, 2006

Designated Hendu

I'm getting the Red Sox on the Seattle station tonight. And, of course, Dave Henderson, one of the most beloved Sox of all-time, is announcing. That's two posts in a row where I've mentioned Hendu. Look for the hat trick later. (First baseman) Papi has us up 1-0 early.

Mr. Dunbar lost to the Jays tonight, thanks to A-Rod and his merry band of miscues. The Jays are now two back of the Yanks, who currently sit three back of us. This is anice statement by the Jays, and one I'm all for. That statement? "The Yanks just aren't that good."

And now Gonzalez has us up 3-0. And now the other M's announcer informs us they traded David Ortiz for Dave Hollins. That's right, two of our four D.H. DHs have been mentioned in this broadcast. (see post below)

"Hendu" is reading your blog.

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