Friday, July 21, 2006

Designated Heep

Did you know that a majority of Red Sox players through history with the initials D.H. have appeared in a game as a DH?

Danny Heep, Dave Henderson, Dave Hollins, and Dwayne Hosey have all played DH. (Although Henderson only pinch-ran for a DH--Sam Horn--and never actually had a plate appearance.)

The non DH-ing D.H.s for the Red Sox were Dustin Hermanson, Dave Hillman, and Dick Hoblitzell.

Heep was the first D.H. to bat for the Red Sox as a DH, as well as the first D.H. to play DH in a World Series game (for the Mets).

Watch for further reports on R.F.s, C.F., and L.F.s. Well, not L.F.s.; the Sox have never had a player with the initials L.F. We did have a manager in the 1920s named Lee Fohl. But he was a catcher. When he played.

Glad to see you're also interested in this important topic. Let us know if you dig up any other names...

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