Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cheat, Cheap

Last night's Yankee game should instantly go on "Yankees Classics." Simply because it was the classic Yankee win: Umpires give them a call to tie the game, home run to the front row in right field wins the game. I'm seriously just rooting for some kind of flu outbreak or something to hit their clubhouse. At the very least.

I went to bed knowing the game was tied. I woke up and saw on ESPN News "Yanks Win On Cabrera Walk-Off." I was so mad about the earlier call, I didn't even wonder if it was a short porch front row shot, or whether Melky did the Ortiz helmet throw. I found out just now it was both. At least with the helmet toss, it just proves they continue to copy the Red Sox, something very un- world class mystique aura -ish. And it's funny how they do it with the two-handed, or "far less cool" method.

Silly Dunbar, just face it, your only chance of winning is doing it the correct Red Sox way. And that ain't gonna fly in The Bronx.

So, to recap, in case anyone's still thinking I'm just making this stuff up, THE UMPIRES GAVE THE YANKEES A WIN LAST NIGHT. They shit the bed in every way last night, as they did the night before, and have come away with two shitty wins. They're going nowhere this year, as is the norm.


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