Friday, July 07, 2006

Before View

The Rays better be trying as hard this weekend against Mr. Dunbar as they did against us. Tonight, Jae Seo against Jaret "Five's About" Wright. Seo will see the arachnid (the NY which may or may not be interlocking) and cower like a fawn at an anti-fawn rally. Let's just hope Wright does his usual. Then they get Kazmir on Saturday, who should be fine, but with a slight chance of shitting the bed. And on Sunday, Mr. D throws Kris Wilson out there. All I'm sayin' is, get at least one, Tampa.

And we've got the evil-of-late White Sox. Let's take the ball and shove it up Ozzie's proverbial ass. I want a sweep. And a burrito, so, Chan, get home soon and go out and get us some Mexican.


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