Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bear-ly Legal

Check this one out. Still sifting through the mere five or six video tapes I have here, as opposed to the hundreds in my parents' attic, and I came across this, which I had no idea I had (click on the two ladies):

What a score it turned out to be. That's right, it's a young Stephen Colbert, the "new guy" on The Daily Show, then hosted by Craig Kilborn. This was from 10/27/97, a day after the Marlins won their first World Series.

I figure I was taping that show for the interview with the South Park dudes, and lucked out, capturing some classic unknown Colbert.

I really liked Kilborn. He was the last of the second (first? third?) wave of funny sports people. Anybody after him was just a joke. You can only do something for so long, then it becomes a parody of itself. Nothing against Stewart, either. They both did/do a great job with that show. It's like Joel and Mike on MST3K. While I'll always be a Joel man, strictly because he was the first, and the creator, I still love both versions of the show. (Brian claims Joel's work on Murphy Brown immediately takes away from his case as the cooler host, but without Joel, there is no MST3K.)

I also liked hearing the original, much slower version of the Daily theme song. Did you know Bob Mould wrote that? Click here for the rest of my videos/movies.

I've watched Colbert from the beginning. If I'm not mistaken, his first - or one of his first - stories was about a KKK rally and his response to something someone was telling him was "I didn't know that (takes off his glasses and gives that, now, well-known Colbert look) D'Jou? (or "Jew")".

One of the most surprising yet insanely funny moments I had seen on tv up to that time.

Hell, it's still funnier than half the stuff on tv right now.

But I never really liked Kilborn. He was too much of an Olbermann wannabe for me.
Yup, knew that about Mould from waaaaay back.

Song is called "Dog on Fire" though I think they may use a different non-Mould version now (?).
Yeah, I knew it from way back, too. I guess that sounded like I just found out. I heard the newer one is a TMBG remix of the same song.

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