Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Post Titled "Terrible Job"

So we all know that only one team is coming out of the AL East this year. It's been determined. Right? Why? Because a month ago two teams from the Central had much better records than the top team in the East, I guess. Well, if you actually look at the standings, you'll see that the Red Sox and Yanks are both within three games of the White Sox. And they're a team who has lost its last two series convincingly--to the Red Sox and Yanks.

I kind of thought that after this second crappy series in a row by the White Sox, people would recognize that a Wild Card coming out of the Central is far from a lock, and in fact not even probable. But ESPN says:

"With only one team likely to advance to the postseason from the AL East..."

All right, granted, the article was written at the All-Star break, but still, people are saying that even now, and it sounds really bad, like no one's paying attention to what's really going on, just to what the last person said. Terrible job.

Ozzie may be losing his grip.
ChiSox look like they might be taking a fall. Will that open the door for the Twins, the Yanks, or US? I cannot tell the future. Sweep is needed. NOW.

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