Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ah, 2006

Things I can watch today at my house:

A kid in China dancing in his room to "The Hustle."
The story of how Ted Danson got his start in Hollywood.
Live video of some electrical wires in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Footage taken on Mars by a robot.
Every Major League Baseball game except one.

Things I can't watch:

The damn Red Sox game.

Before you write in and tell me how the Fox thing works, understand that I know this. It just seems like if I'm paying the $160 so I can see my team play (they only missed one inning last night due to "technical difficulties!"--Fortunately we were the ESPN game so I switched over), they could make it so I could have the choice of games shown by Fox. I mean, I'd pay 5 bucks extra if it meant assuring I get all my team's games. I know Fox wants only one game shown in each area (unless you get two Fox stations, each of which is in a different region, hence making their whole story bullshit), but I'm paying extra here! Gimme the damn game. Every time.

The Red Sox were on two channels yesterday. I'd gladly trade one of those two for today's game.

And this Mets thing is killing me. They're playing the Marlins. What regions besides Florida and New York are going to show this game over Red Sox-White Sox? They might as well not show the game on Fox at all. The people in New York and Florida get their game anyway. And it's a doubleheader today! So they'll get to see their teams again, later, too. In a few weeks, it's Mets-Braves that will not let me see another Saturday Red Sox game. Great, because nobody in the nation ever gets to see the Atlanta Braves!

They could fix all this by keeping everything the way it is, while allowing people who pay money to see the "other" Fox game. Or, stop putting a New York team as one of the national games all the freakin' time.

I am definitely with you on this one, Jere. I live in Seattle and there is NO early Fox game. The Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles cartoon is on Fox right now. Then at 4pm ET/1pm PT we have the Giants and Dodgers. I have the "Extra Innings" Package too and since there is no other game on here anyway, it would be nice if the the Sox-Sox game was available on the package. Ahhh!
I know you know this Jere, but Fox doesn't work like that. I"m pretty sure, in fact positive, that Reb AND your parents are on the Fox Sox-Sox feed. No help to you, but I feel for you. Josh, one word.
Except when Fox 61 in CT "decides" they're in the NY-area. They easily could've chosen the Mets today, in which case, my parents and you, both IN NESN territory would have no way of seeing the Red Sox on TV.
Peter, you have a remarkable ability to completely avoid/ignore any latent irony in any post. It amuses me to the nth degree. And on that note, Jere, there's a station called TBS that shows a lot of Braves games, so I'm pretty sure a lot of people actually do get to see them sometimes.
Even when you get the Fox game, you don't want it though! The first three innings all they talked about how Manny is such a bad person and how he is disgracing the game of baseball by not playing in the All Star Game. Remy and Orsillo would be talking about the game, but McCarver and Buck were up on a pulpit playing to the lowest common denominator - Yankees fans.
I wonder how many times did Mc Dikweed mention Derek Jeter in a neo-erotic fashion?

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