Friday, July 07, 2006

1st Half Champs

Really funny start to this Empy post. Watch her space in the coming days, as she's in Chicago for the Sox-squared series.

Great showing by the good Sox tonight. Lester, Delcarmen, Timlin, even you-know-who. We looked like the pre-Devil Rays series Sox again. Good sign. First place at the All-Star break is guaranteed now. But I'm hoping for five up.

Tomorrow I'm screwed, as the game will be on Fox, with the Mets also on there. That's one bad thing about the Mets being good. More Fox games for them--meaning there are two teams that will bump the Red Sox off New York TV on summer Saturdays this season. I'll be getting screwed quite a bit in the upcoming weeks.

Oh, and Chan got me the burrito. And right now I'm "borrowing" the Kit Kat he's had burning a hole in the frige shelf. Turned out I salvaged this night after all.

Lester 4-0:

Life is good;

Papi's on Fire;

& "Pepsi McBluelips" was 0-3 & struck out 1x.
& New England gets "McBlohole & Joe -uck, tomorrow on FOX.
You just made me realize that with the Mets being the 2nd game on Fox, that's the one they'll show to you. Makes sense, but it sucks still.
Remember the "Little Bitch USA" post of mine? I'm thinking of crafting its sequel, "Little Bitch Chan." You go get him a new KitKat right now. And some tacos or something. Be kinda nice to him, even if he is a Yunks fan...

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