Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yanks Lose

The Yanks just lost to the Native Americans, so we're a half game back again. Also, we traded David Riske, lowering the "risk"-related joke quotient to 0.

Whoa, guy, you must be saying, did you just capitalize "Yankees"? Yes. Those lower case days are over as of five minutes ago.

I always did it because I never felt they deserved capitalization. And I still don't. However, for the sole purpose of further distancing myself from the dumber side of Dunbar District, I'm ending the tradition now.

The only reason I had before to stop was to maybe make this operation a little more professional-like. But I thought, What am I, a newspaper reporter? No. I'm some dude. If I want to spell Yankees with a lower case "y," I will. If it's the difference between the Globe asking me to do a column with me saying no to them and them not asking me, so be it.

Now, though, after so much talk of Yankee fans consistently screwing up "your" and "you're," and things like that, I'm finally taking that step, just in case they want to try to use it against me. Remember, never give them an inch, because they'll take 26 bought-off soul-less miles.

But that brings up another point. It's really "Yankees fans," whereas I always say the dirtier sounding "Yankee fans." I guess I have to change in that department, too.

Don't worry, the slander of the classy yankee, I mean, Yankee, I mean, Yankees name will continue, strong as ever. But I'll do it through the meanings of my words, not their spellings.

Note: I, of course, reserve the right to spell or use any word however I want without warning, and to change my mind about any of this at at any time. Terrible job? Ehhhh, NO, Peg.

Got to see the Grady/Pedro moment when Torre goes out to the mound to take Mussina out and Mussina convinces him otherwise only to give up a two-run homer with his next pitch.
Very cool.
Jere, these Yank fans will correct you every chance they get, now that you are their proclaimed Noah Webster. But not me. Why? We love the same team. Hey, if someone likes the Yankees, is he (an English question) a Yankee's fan, or a Yankees' fan??? Your Mom knows, and so do you. Have a great weekend. 3 wins or else! A big Lester start tonight. And we'll even be able to see it here in CT. Fox tomorrow....a different story. Go to O'nall for that. See, a plug only YOU would understand.
The following joke comes a week two late:

Julian Tavarisk

The "risk related joke" threat level has been raised form green to blue. We're in gaurded alert status here, people.

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