Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why Don't You Just Make Ten Louder?

Another butt-kickin' of the NL. Nice. The Pedro thing. Yup. Nice. And he was nice enough to give us lots of runs. Pat called me and talked about how weird it was to be rooting against the man. Your eyes see his body and tell your brain to root for strikes. I compared it to finding yourself suddenly controlling the ghosts in Pac-Man. But I assure you, we both got over it.

With these Lastings gaffes, it's funny to think he's the guy they were talking about trading us for Manny. He's still young, though.

And I liked the huge ovation for Josh when he left. Don't be jealous, Josh. You're our guy now.

Another great job by SNY tonight. Remy was hilarious. See below.

Remy on SNY.

I taped that in my room with a video camera. So the sound didn't come out great. Turn your volume way up. And note how half the screen is dark, which happens when you film your TV. Old school.

Okay, my prediction for blogs that will play up the "Sox Go To Eleven" angle. Well, there's me, but I did it subtly, so it's okay. Then I'm gonna go Surviving Grady. Definitely BDD. Uhhh...I'll go out on a limb and say Empy. And then....hmmm. I'll also say one of those ladies that's in that SG crew that has a blog. And Ian. And Daryl Sng. And BSM would also do it subtly but he's done. You know what? Let me just guess who won't do it. Uh...I'll go with Michael Leggett.

count me out of the pool. i already went a different route (although i will admit i did think about it).
"The Sox got their 11th win in a row. "

That's the only mention it got in my entire entry tonight. :-)

You rock, Jere! For many reasons, but tonight for taping Remy on SNY!

Thank you!!!
We have a winner!
Good lookin' out, Beth. I knew it. They're good people, those Brooklynites.
It's because most TV's have an interlaced picture, which means the lines that make up the picture are scanned twice, half and half. Newer sets have progressive scan type pictures, in which all the lines are scanned simultaneously. And then there is HD, which is an altogether different kind of picture display. Fun game last night, huh? I can take one more, say, oh, around 7:05.
Lastings was getting razzed quite a bit in left field. A lot of "Have fun in Norfolk", "AAA", and "the weather is nice in Virginia" last night. When he managed to make a catch to end the 4th? he got a standing O and gave a wave to the fans.

Best boo of the night - the guy selling water caught the foul ball Manny hit that had HR distance, and didn't give it to a kid. Every time he came around, the whole section erupted into boos and "Don't buy the water! Dirty water!".

PS I think my new favorite section is 32/33. 32 is under the roof in case of rain and the only thing you really can't see is the bottom of the monster.
Thanks for the update, Patron Saint of Preserves.

32/33 definitely has its perks. Outfield grandstand prices. The "last" sections out there, but would be considered great seats in any other park. And unlike its RF grandstand counterpart, the seats face the field. And it's the no alcohol section. Good stuff.

Another winner.
I wouldn't be surprised @ a 12th Straight:

Pedro was on "Cloud 9";

Failing to make the DP meant he was still in Dreamland;

Someone should send Milledge a dozen Roses, with bees flying around;

I'll catch Remdawg on replay @ home;

Thanks, Jere!
& With "Wally" in the booth, it makes it, really worthwhile.
And great new profile pic. Pass the donuts!
I'm going further out in my latest take:

Can I claim the runner-up prize?

I'm seriously worried that my brain has emigrated to the US and is now living in New York with Jere...
Heh heh. Hey, sorry I spelled your name wrong.

I would like to state that using such a phrase did not even occur to me. I'm not sure what that means, but my first thought was "I've got to get one of those photos of Beckett howling and photoshop a tiny Pedro into his fist," so we can bet it doesn't mean any more relative sanity.
Another winna!
And another!


Finally watched the RemDawg Replay & I rubbed "Wally's" Head for good luck;

Covelli makes the play;

Lastings does NOT;

Fabulous job by SNY or "Snigh", all 3 Nights;

"NO" would NEVER do this, as they SUCK

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