Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up

Eh, you didn't miss much around here. Just me blabbing and plugging my latest movie. Scroll down if you're really curious. Above is a bonus shot from last week in Toronto. I call it "Anticipation... anticipay-ay-tion."

Also, I don't know if anyone added this up yet, but here's how Randy, Kazmir, and Lilly, our three lefty division nemeses, fared against us over a recent 8-game stretch:

14.1 IP, 22 H, 15 ER, 5 HR

Jere, this is one that I'd like to hear from your oh so many readers, and of course you yourself.....
What do you think of my wish for Youk to be back in the leadoff position, with Loretta 2nd, and Coco in the sometimes called 2nd leadoff spot, batting 7th. be continued. Youk forces the opposing pitchers he faces to throw so many pitches, each and every at bat. That is, unless he hits the ____ out of the ball.
In The Series beginning tonight, I will NOT be going to "The Toilet" for any of it.
This ain't mlblogs, you can say "shit."

Wait, I thought #9 was the "second" leadoff spot. Either way, it's a tough call, but good to have options. We know Youk can handle leadoff if we need him there, he can fit in 2nd or 7th, and Loretta can go 2nd or 8th or 9th, even though he's hitting great, same with Coco, only replace 2nd with leadoff, and you've got Manny...being Manny. Sorry, that joke's gonna be around for a while, I think.
I'm also glad to be bowl-less this week, Michael. However, I usually get dragged in somehow.
Not a bad idea Peter, but, I don't think Francoma has the guts to do it...Youk, is not a proto lead-off guy; despite the .430ish OBP and the number of pitches he sees, I think a fat, slow guy leading off is still too much crazy talk for any manager who has a speedier, more traditional option at his disposal...

And Jere, you convinced's just underway, but feel free to check out
"Punky moms"--heheh. I was just thinking yesterday, how when I'm a parent, I'm destined to be a "punk rock parent."

Anyway, I used to think of Youk as "fat and slow," too. Then my girlfriend suggested him as a leadoff guy--before the season.I thought she was crazy. But then he ended up batting leadoff, and he did a great job. Not as slow as I thought, either. Still pretty fattish, though. He reminds me of a dude I know called Glen Goldstein. But that doesn't mean much to most people.

Nice job on the blog, Matty, glad I could inspire.
>>I was just thinking yesterday, how when I'm a parent, I'm destined to be a "punk rock parent."<<

This is for you. Also cute.
Babeeeeees. In pirate and Cure outfits. Nice.

Ah, Hot Topic--made fun of, but secretly shopped at, by Danbury-area young adults at the Danbury Fair Mall since the mid-nineties. I didn't realize they'd gone "naysh."
Or - oh my God - THESE!

And ... and ... this!

P.S. They make Ramones stuff, too.
Oh my lord. Make babies, everyone! There are Ace Frehley onesies to fill!

I usually don't do this, because I'm sure I could find code in every word verification word, but mine now is rfsockl. Good sign for the left-handed right fielder for the Sox tonight!
There really isn't much difference between N Comix and Hot Topic. Except, one is more socially acceptable. I just bought a pair of skull flip flops there (HT). I draw the line at those ridulously huge black swingy pants with chains hanging off. I have to be age appropriate, after all! (That was a joke. There is no such thing, in my book.)

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