Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Van B Boi

Something seems wrong about the following sentence:

"Thank god Jermaine Van Buren is back."

He's ridin' that Pawtucket ex-pres. The 8 train.

(Ex-pres line somewhat stolen from MattySox.)

Oh, by the way, did I fucking dream this: A Chips Ahoy commercial with a bunch of "punk" cookies chanting "Chips Ahoy! Oi! Oi!"? 2006: The Year Oi Broke? At the marketing division of RJR Nabisco? What's going on here?

For non-music fans, or Matchbox 20 types: click here.

And maybeeee taken from me? Ex-Prez? Doesn't matter. We both bleed Sox red.
"God" should be capitalized:

Ridin' should be riding;

Ex-pres should be express.
I knew someone would get me on the god thing. I don't capitalize "god" because I never met the lady.

Riding with an apostrophe instead of a "g"? Perfectly acceptable.

And Van Buren is an ex-president, hence the ex-pres/express pun.

Thanks for playing.
And Peter, I just meant that I saw it on his blog as ex-pres and it led me to use the double meaning ex-pres/express.

As far as Van B being an ex-pres, I didn't steal that from anyone. I was all over that when we got him, with the Seinfeld and the Van B Boys and the president and these such things.
Last I checked, it's pretty common knowledge that we have an ex-president named Van Buren. I think I've seen similar references to Jermaine, oh, about 400 times on the net in the last week. So we're all plagiarizers!

As for the Chips Ahoy commercial, congrats on finally seeing it. My Wife and I have been singing that damn song for months now. Also, according to, Chips A-Fucking-Hoy (as they're really known) are heading out on tour with The Workin' Stiffs and The Business this keep your eye out for that...
Yeah, like I said, I've been saying that since the minute we got him. It was just using "ex-pres" in place of "express" that I attributed to you. Even though you weren't using it that way. But since you wrote it "ex-pres" instead of the more common "ex-prez," it made me think of "express," so I used it as a double meaning.

That when we got Van B, I wrote about it, and Peter commented on it. What are the odds?
A million to one...usually it's the other way around. Mind Games by John Lennon.
The New York Times no longer capitalizes god. However, unlike any other newspaper, they do capitalize the The as in, The New York Times.
3:17, 3-1, Cleveland. Sheesh.

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