Thursday, June 08, 2006

TPS Reports

I just heard the now reddish-brown haired Brian Cashman say that Sheffield is out until September. Surgery Tuesday.

So now their two corner outfielders are out. They've got a few new players that are doing well. You know what that means...Timo Perez Syndrome. This is perfect. These new guys are becoming fan favorites. And doing just well enough to fool management into thinking they don't need to go out and get quality replacements. In mid-September, they'll be kicking themselves for thinking Melky and Andy were their ticket to the postseason.

And if they do go out and get more hired guns, well that'll just lead to more chaos, in the clubhouse, and in the stands.

Speaking of new dudes, the make-up date for my May 13th game is Saturday afternoon. Supposedly, Lester is pitching. Should be sweet.


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