Thursday, June 08, 2006

Terrible Job

Wow. I just watched the Ford Quality Tri-State Dealers yankees Pre-Game show, or as it could've been called, "The Melky Cabrera Boner Contest!" Needless to say, Kay won. But everyone, including Kim Jones, was in the race.

This is crazy. Besides the Cabrera talk ("one of the greatest catches you'll ever see"--Michael kay), there's this feeling like the yanks just won the World Series. Good sign. They beat us twice in early June, and they're ecstatic. It's proving my new theory: Since they can win World Series' any more, their games against the Red Sox are their World Series.

It's almost like they've entered a fantasy world where they think their team just beats up on the Red Sox constantly, making up over and over again for 2004. Problem with that is, it's completely untrue. They're like, "With each win, we rub in your faces that we're still the best." And we're like, "You beat us, like, as much as we beat you and have yet to even face us in the postseason since 2004."

And by the way, the more I see the Melky catch (100 times in last hour), the more I realize that it wasn't all that great. Huge in terms of when it occurred in the game, but it actually wasn't "one of the best I'll ever see."


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