Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Statements That Are The Opposite Of True

Justice and Lorenz on the Yankee postgame, talking about how the Yanks and Sox have been inconsistent this year:

Justice: "But now Boston's starting to play well..."

Lorenz: "They always play well in interleague."

Yes, he really said that. Perfect time for me to point out how happy I am that we're performing the rare feat of making the most of crappy "made for New York only" interleague play.

Not counting this year, the Yankees have an inter-league record of 93-63. The Sox' record is 77-80. In 2000, the Yanks were 2.5 games better in interleague play and won the East by 2.5 games.

MFY fans and YES are upset because the Mets are good now. For years they beat up the Mets in the 6 games they played, while the Sox were stuck with 6 games against the first-place Braves (their "natural" rivals).

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