Friday, June 09, 2006


I've talked about the yanks discounting tickets before. For a while now, they've had a ticket pack for sale where you save 58% of the face value price. But now they're taking it to the next level. You can buy a 7-game plan where you can get $40 tier box seats ($42 on day of game) for five bucks. That's like 90% off. How can they even count those tickets in the attendance numbers? It's like I said before, just hand 'em out for free and then brag about your attendance records, why don't you?

Just remember "90% off" next time you hear Jon Sterling waxing poetic about how absolutely amazing it that they can draw so many classy fans for a Wednesday night game.

[Note: I wrote this last Friday and was waiting to post it. That night, while driving to Boston, I heard Sterling do it once again. He basically does it every game. He was so fake-amazed that they had more people for the A's game than they did for the previous night's Red Sox game, forgetting about the mega-discounts and the fact that it was a weekend.]


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