Sunday, June 04, 2006

Small Man, Big Papi

In the last ten minutes, I've watched Youk, Papi, and Millar go deep. Fortunately, Millar's team is playing the yanks. 6-0 O's, and 4-1 us.

Michael Backwards Kay is now pondering out loud whether Aaron Small's 2005 season was an aberration...

Saying "many thought he'd turned the corner and finally become a viable major leaguer."

Yeah, "many" meaning only Dunbar fans. The rest of us knew it was a fluke.

Another dong. 7-0 O's, and Small is done. Nice. And Matt "Stormtroopers of Death"/"Beard" Smith is in. (Only Ridgefield High Schoolers from the early '90s will understand those nicknames.)

A cautious "lookin' good!" Paps in a non-save situation.....oh well, OK.
OOOpps...Rike business. As long as it's 1-2-3.
Riske, I meant
Nothing is finer than watching the Red Sox take two out of three over the weekend (in a series where many didn't expect them to get the 2- and especially on a day with Matt Clement pitching)...

okay, watching ARod get thrown out to end the game when the O's beat the Yanks 11-4 comes pretty damn close!
"When it doesn't count, count on A-Fraud."
Small's Deal With The Devil, expired in the '05 ALDS.

Or was it when David Wright deposited a fastball into the Shea Parking lot?

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