Monday, June 19, 2006

Scraps (Not The Dog In Airplane!)

Before this series against the Ex-Pos really gets going, I have to finish talking about last night's game at the Peach Pavilion.

Great catch by Trot. Some guy who thinks he's funny but definitely isn't on every sports network should've broken out his best, meaning worst, catch phrase on that one.

The dude who the homer in the seventh inning. Uh, did he think the game was over at that point? I guess the excuse for the overcelebration was the fact that these Braves are happy just to sniff a victory. But come on, I think everyone watching was thinking the same thing: "Do you think you're the first guy to homer off Seanez?" We definitely showed them in the very next inning. (Before they showed us, before we showed them again.)

Papelbon. Here's my theory when it comes to his future: Imagine if the Yankees, in, say, 1998 said, "This Rivera's just too good not to put in the starting rotation." How many championships do you think they would have won since? Not three. I say keep Pap where he is. But, hey, if they start him next year, that's cool. As long as he's on our side, we'll be okay.

Little Manny. Should have kept him in. Got two quick outs, then gave up a hit, which America missed. ESPN was showing a replay which sat on "pause" for about two seconds, causing them to cut to the single only when the ball was already in the outfield. Does anyone else get pissed about this stuff? If I can't see the entire pitch, I don't feel I'm given a chance to put my full rooting into it, and then something bad ends up happening. OR, something good happens, but my celebration is lessened because I'm so mad that I missed it. Terrible job, every single network. You're all trying too hard. Just show the damn game.

Such a great job by Lowell, Co2, Cora, and Youk with that comeback. Seriously. Very exciting stuff.

Really great job by the Sox fans down in Luke-lanta. Seemed like a party. The lady in green behind the plate, with the non-stop energy--nice job. If any of you were down there, write in and get a free prize. The prize of my gratitude.


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