Friday, June 30, 2006

Same Old Georgie

Remember a few days ago when I mentioned how Yankee studio host and former favorite player of my ex-neighbor, Trevor, Dave Justice told fans to lay off A-Rod? Well, apparently, the next night he suddenly changed his tune, with a little help (read: electrodes) from the higher-ups.

The always-Yankee-broadcast-criticizin' Bob Raissman explains here.

It must really fire him up, too, to see our 3rd baseman quietly making every single play. And our winning streak is, undoubtedly, giving him nightmares.
The "NO" Network sounds like Soviet TV in the Cold War Days, only with "Steinbrenner As Stalin";

SNY Mets Game Coverage & NESN, are nothing like this, TG;



My latest "Toilet" Advisory is up now.

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