Thursday, June 01, 2006

Public Service Announcement

The anonymous days are over. It was fun to make fun of the retarded yankee fans and their comments, but I'm finally making it so you at least have to have a blogger name to comment here.

Comments about my mom or my girlfriend will be deleted. If any of you cowards have something to say to me, email me directly.

The Dipding who is a coward & village idiot, will NOT be welcome here.
My next 2 columns will be written tonight.

A good deal of it will be about Homeland Security Money for Cowsa--, IA & the "Less-Than-Romantic" look @ Game 6 in 1986, known by me as "Gorman's Rotisserie Series."
I can't believe that the anonymous Dunbar-Fan commenters actually forced me to get a blogger ID. Now I might even have to consider blogging......

[Theodoric of York]Nah!!![/Theodoric of York]
Funny, I just used the line, "But I'm bleeding already," two days ago.

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