Thursday, June 22, 2006

Only In New York...But Usually On The Street, At Least

Okay, gotta make this quick. I'm about to head out to Shea Stadium for work. I stopped by the office first, went downstairs, and smelled something awful. Much to my surprise, in our nice, clean office, sitting in front of the closed door, was a pile of shit. Yes, a pile of shit. Completely baffled, I stared for a second, hand over nose, and suddenly Jennie was on the other side of the door. "Oh my god, Jere, get in here, quick!" She lets me in and shuts the door behind me, as not to let te smell in.

"What the hell is going on?"

Long story short: It wasn't dog shit.

One of our social workers had a homeless dude in here. And he had an "emergency." I was told not to enter the men's room, as it suffered a similar fate.

Here's the funny part: Pictures to come!

Plus some from Shea. (I'm in the mezzanine again. D'oh!)

I do NOT recommend Mezzanine @ Shea to ANYONE:

The Day-Trippers from South Station, like the affordability of Upper-Level @ Shea Stadium, as I've seen Fathers & Sons from Boston, there;

I've had trouble walking in Mezzanine;

September 2nd, TBJays & Red Sox @ Fenway, can't come soon enough, especially Infield Grandstand.
Have fun at Shea! And please, pics are NOT needed. I'll take the Mohawk pic anytime over poop. Human poop. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
I would put forth that New Yorkers encounter more human feces outside of unflushed toilets than residents of any other American city. I have no actual data to back this up, but everyone I know in the City has a human feces story, and none of my friends from other burgs seem to have any.

Go Pedro!
Let's not trade human poop stories. I spend most of my days in & out of nursing homes. Pics are most definitely not needed as I get all the visuals I need every day.
Wow, we're all very anti poo-pics, aren't we?

They're on the way.

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