Thursday, June 01, 2006

On With Life

Roger Clemens loved breaking your heart yet again. Remember, this is a guy that cared so much about Red Sox fans, that he had no problem literally kissing and rubbing the Babe Ruth monument before every game he pitched with Mr. Dunbar. Still wondering how so many people were willing to let that slide...

Roger loves being on a stage:

There's one leaving in 15 minutes.
I'm really not surprised that Duh Rock-et chose Houston again. I've long been an extreme Clemens Hater; I actually stopped liking him when he was still a Sox, after he got himself thrown out of game 4 of the '90 ALCS. I basically viewed him as pretty much a necessary evil from then on, and hated him the moment he lied and went to Toronto and got all the morons in the Boston media to blame Duquette.

With all that said, I was actually hoping that Theo could lure him back...we certainly need the pitching right now. I think the one positive to come out of Theo/Henry/Lucchino pursuing him so aggressively and kissing his enormous butt is that it probably made him reluctant to go back to the Dunbars.

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