Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oh Yes I Proverbially Did

We're rollin' now. Even an Arthur Rhodes-aided Yanks win can't take away this good feeling.

A Washington pitcher toinight was named Bill Bray. Which, if you went to first grade with a kid named Bill Bray, like Pat and I did, is hi-larious.

After walking forty blocks from an Indian restaurant at which I ate dinner with my visiting parents, I arrived home to find the Sox up 4-0 in the second. I thought it would be one of those games where the Sox win big, but you miss that one inning where they got the runs. But they tacked on seven more. Thanks, guys.

Crazy play in the Yankee game, as some Phillie hit a deep fly that hit the top of the wall and bounced, like, a hundred feet in the air. I'd describe it, but I don't feel like writing anymore. That's why I'm glad I'm not paid for this blog. No deadlines. If I want to end this post right now for no good reason, I ca

What are the odds that Arthur Rhodes turns into "SuperReliever: The Man Who Gives Up No Runs" when we play the Phillies?
Rhodes=The Favorite Yankees Batting Practice Pitcher, as he was with Seattle.

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