Friday, June 09, 2006

No Respect

On the way to work this morning I saw a guy with a home A-Rod jersey with name on back. Is there any way that guy watched the game last night? I wear my Sox hat every day, but I'm not about to break out a jersey the day after a loss to the rival. Especially if that jersey belongs to a guy who played shitty in that game. I don't see any al-Qaeda fans boasting al-Zarqawi jerseys this week. The guy may as well have worn a shirt that says "I don't pay attention until October."

Then again, if he watches the yanks in October, I wonder why he'd buy an A-Rod shirt...

I talked last night about Rod Knee-Queen's error--I mean double that he grasped for with his glove but missed--and how I thought he'd say he should've made the play. I was... a little off:

"It was do or die," Rodriguez said. "I could probably field it cleanly three or four times out of 10. If it was hit harder it's a lot easier." --from the Daily News

After reading that, I feel like the duck in the Yogi Berra Aflac commercial. Did he say that out oud?

So, what you're saying is, you can field a ball that's hit hard...roughly...what, 50, 60 percent of the time? And if it's hit softly, that percentage drops to 30-40 percent? Is this what you're trying to convey? Look, Alex, I'm sorry our guys hit the ball too lightly for you to knock down.

I guess it was the old TSTH: too soft to handle. Back to fielding school, Rod Knee.

I saw a guy with a home A-Rod jersey with name on back.

Besides the fact that actual Yankees jerseys (home or away) don't have names on the back, though I know that's been pointed out before.
I had meant to work that in. Yeah, of course, TJ on incorrect jerseys, unless it's a Pedro one that your ex-girlfriend's dad got you, not knowing you don't like Sox home jerseys w/name, and you never wore it, but wanted to have some kind of Pedro gear to wear when you see him pitching for the Mets at Shea, so you just wear it anyway, but only for that.
Besides, DFyankees know their fans literacy level, hence why they stick with #s.
Wither BSM? I left a message on his blog urging him to continue.
He says he's got that not-so-fresh feeling. I don't know what he's talking about, though. He's got one of the best blogs there is.

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