Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Parents Owe Josh A Coke

Ah, Josh Beckett...

He's like Andrew...

going as Chris Cornell for Halloween.

I'm sure everyone has a "perfect game jinx" story to tell. I won't bore you with mine. I'll just say that my parents switched seats inexplicably and then the perfect game ended. Within seconds. Again, I won't get too much more into it. You don't want to hear any more about "Oh, I'm cold." "Oh, would you like to sit over here away from the door?" "Sure, that'd be great. What could go wrong?" Terrible job. Another TJ by those two women behind home plate--bridging the gap bewtween Drinkwater and Kapstein--tonight who missed ninety percent of the pitches because they were chatting with each other.

Anyway, losing the perfecto at that point was the best thing for Josh, as he got to concentrate on bid'ness the rest of the way. Two sweet dongs by Manny tonight. That first one was like confections that you consume with your corneas. A sort of "eye candy," if you will. And Gabe hitting one, too, followed by "We want Gabe," followed by a well-earned curtain call. See, Yankee fans, you don't do it on a random sac fly, you save it for a special occasion.

And about the '86 celebration: This is getting scary now. We all know Sox brass read my blog and went with my idea to celebrate the team before the first game of the Mets series. Now they've taken my "new ending to Game 6" idea. I kid you not. According to Castiglione, on Monday, EEI will play the game, only with a surprise ending, that of a "contest winner." (read: we read Jere's blog.)

So, Larry, it's obvious now. I guess you're about to email me and ask what I want for my brilliant idea. No money, please. Just season tickets. Anywhere in the park. (But let's just say I have an endless supply of burning poo bags if you even consider right field grandstand sections five through nine. After a few years, I will have evolved into some kind of left-lookin' monster. They'd call me Neck-O Wafer and ask "what the hell is over there?" Come on, Larry.)

Tomorrow I'm at Fenway, which is why I'm at my parents' in CT now. I'll look to break my record of a few weeks ago when I sat through the longest rain delay in Fenway history! I can't wait! Seriously, Steinbrenner with his bugging of me, followed by him using his crazy weather machine to make it rain whenever I go to Fenway... It's getting old, dude... If there is a game, I'll be all over that wife-beater along with 30,000 others. He has some nerve goin' out there.

Speaking of the '86 team, last night marked the 11th straight game without an error, beating out that wonderful '86 team, which held the mark at 10. Have fun. I hope we get the game in. And it's on Fox, even here.
Great to see Game is on FOX:

Trouble is, So is Tim Mc Carver;

In Mets-Red Sox, Ron Darling of '86 Mets, to be in place of Remdawg, he being from SNY;

Thus, I hope Mr Remy appears on SNY;

It'll be a week of memories.
Ya know what, Michael? ANY game on Fox CT. is a blessing. Famined out by Fox......8
Oh. The Mom of Jon Benet Ramsey, Patsy, passed away. No comment, except RIP.
clearly the brass know where to come for good ideas. Now might be a good time to lobby for a burrito stand, jere. Or a special party for sox-bloggers. Or whatever else might float your boat.
oh hey.

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