Thursday, June 08, 2006

Murc' & Airy (Murcer & Kay)

This is really funny. After a game in which Bobby Murcer proclaimed, "You could tell Schilling didn't have it from the beginning," Curt was named Yes' Player of the Game, having thrown just 96 pitches in eight innings, giving up three runs on four hits.

That's the worst call since the Ridgefield-Westhill basketball game in '91, when our crowd chanted "scoreboard" at the Westhill section, and sang "Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye" only to see our team lose the game.

Terrible job, T Hall and James Ward. I wonder where Stormtroopers of Death was that night.

For more on tonight's game, scroll down.

Jere, if you're still on line, drop me a line...I need to talk about this game...I'm so pissed I missed it..
Good chance of rain tonight, coming up from the Virginia area. That might preclude a Lester sighting tomorrow. Let's just hope that whenever Wakes pitches, Texas doesn't bash him, as they are wont to do. Great weekend Jere.
The other thing about last night's game:

It would have been really, really great if, after Tek's dong to put the game away, every Sox fan in the place had stood up and loudly prompted Tek to make a curtain call. And it would have been the best thing ever if he had actually come out for a curtain call at the Toilet.

Of course, Dunbar fans wouldn't have gotten the sarcasm.
That's the thing about Dunbar District. You can come up with really clever things, but they won't even get it.

But, to someone like me, yes, that would've been the funniest thing of all time. Good call.

Matty-I wasn't up at your time of comment. For 24-hour support, contact
James Ward was the A-Rod of Ridgefield High basketball.
Oh my god, all your comments are cracking me up. Keep 'em comin'.

Chan will love that. I think James Ward was, like, his nemesis. Which is werid because Chan usually harbors no resentment against any living thing.
The great thing about watching the game last night at Prof. Thom's? In the top half of every inning the sound was turned down, and there were sign ups for people to announce each half inning. They even had a fake broadcast booth set up complete with monitor, two mikes, and a chair with a Wally doll sitting in it. Effing fantastic.
I read about that on Quinn's blog. Sounds awesome. I wanted to do that, but, you know, too rainy to go out last night. Nice excuse, huh?
I even did some Play By Play:

The NO Network is the WORST Broadcast Feed in the History of Baseball. It's impossible to follow @ times.

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