Monday, June 05, 2006

Mass Confusion

This is unbelievable. Emmy-winning "Hell, No" Network is currently missing what's going on. Now we're back, and the announcers are talking like they thought we were there the whole time! What the shit is happening? I have no idea what's going on. The only reason I knew anything was going on was because during the commercial (after Yes announcers assured us the inning was over), they cut back to a shot of Francona arguing, before going right back to two more commercials. They've explained everything, but NO ONE heard it because we were at commercial. Somebody needs to get fired here. Including the umps, who took a clearly fair ball, should've been double-play, and turned it into just one out. And now two runs score, after yet another shitty ball call. This game should be played under protest. At least we all know that in the end, the yanks will choke as usual.

We were doing just fine, till I started a blog...TJ, me.
I'm still waiting for them to choke. Maybe when they're back at full strength. Yesterday is ovah. Today, 6/6/06 is a brand new day.
Peter, you make a wonderful point.

Their choking with the team at full health would be much more satisfying. Good call!

I'm annoyed at the loss, but it's nothing I'm taking with me this morning. New day, new game. That's why they play 162 of them.
@ "Professor Thom's", it was ESPN's game coverage. While Thorne is still so eloquent, Sutcliffe is becoming so annoyingly-irrelevant.
Thank goodness for NESN, although with games like last night's, you could be receiving the games via a silver filling in a wisdom tooth, and you'd want to turn it off. But in that scenario, you couldn't. TORTURE reinvented! Oh the humanity.....

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