Monday, June 26, 2006

Just As We Planned It

As people who write things on the internet would say, "Ho. Ly. Shit."

Once the Seanez era began in this game, we knew the bullpen would kinda be screwed going into the Mets series. So we absolutely needed to salvage this win.

For the eleventh, I finally gave up on the Gameday, and called my girlfriend, and she gave me the play-by-play. The inning ended, and I decided it was time to sprint home from work, since it was well after five. I got home to see a "7" in the Phillies spot on the scoreboard. (Fortunately, the game was on the Extra Innings package, despite it being a makeup game. NESN, too.) I was out of breath, and all I had to show for it was a now-probable loss. But Cokes doubled, and I had hope. Kinda wished Tek had bunted. Oh well. At that point, the last thing I was thinking of was a second Papi walkoff win (!) in as many games.

The Youk hit was just awesome. The bobble took some of the pressure off, and we were tied. Then, TJ by them letting Ortiz come up. And multiply that TJ by 10 to get the TJ they did by pitching to him. Granted, Manny would've won it anyway. But David's just about a guarantee at this point.

Oh my god, after this all-day affair, it's just hitting me that we're 15 minutes away from an entire Yankee game. They might want to consider winning unless they want to fall three and a half back. (David Justice was just on the pre-game begging Yankee fans to "stop booing A-Rod on every at bat." I love life.) Oh, and we really showed those 6,800 Yankee fans today, by packing Fenway for a Monday afternoon make up game!

It's crazy how this Mets series comes right now. Both teams are thinking World Series right now. New York is really buzzing about the Mets. Which is always good, since it puts the Yanks on the back burner. They are a litttle cocky, thinking they've wrapped up the division, but, hey, it is a huge lead. And from our standpoint, the magic moments are adding up. The types of games you look back on in a championship year. Or at least the types of games that sportswriters say at the time will be the type you look back on in what will necome a championship year. You know what I mean. So the fact that the two teams, who met in the World Series exactly 20 years ago, happen to be matching up right now is kind of apra-, I say, appro-, I say...pretty fuckin' cool, Jeeves.

I knew I wouldn't be going to these weekday games, but fate couldn't stop me from buying tickets anyway. I just had to. My girlfriend reaps the benefits, and I'm proud to say she's representing the tickets for both Tuesday's '86 AL Champs clelbration AND Pedro's start on Wednesday.

Again, Mr. David Ortiz, if there's anything you need, some rare bird you want that only lives in Indochina, a brick from the pyramids in Egypt, a drink of water at 3 AM, let me know, dude. From now til eternity. Just say the word.

*Reuters photo depicting "Jump on his back, fellas."

Do I detect a "Collision Course" with History?

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